Insurance Information

Our insurance coordinators deal with many different dental insurance companies. Some companies offer many different dental plans. These companies can change benefits and deductibles from year to year. We do our best to provide you with accurate coverage estimates based on information available to us. Dealing with these companies can be difficult and time consuming. As a courtesy, we ask that you keep us informed of any change to your insurance. It is important that all information about you and your insurance is current.

Further, most dental insurance policies are limited and only pay for a portion of the procedure(s) that may need to be done.

Private & Group Dental Insurance

The initial exam and consultation fee is due in full the day of your first appointment in our office regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance.

As a courtesy to patients with dental benefit plans, we will submit necessary claim forms, receipts, and other information to your insurance company, but we consider you responsible for the account. Pre-treatment estimates for recommended treatment are submitted to your insurance company and patients with insurance will pay their expected portion the day treatment is rendered. We will wait no longer than 60 days for reimbursement from your insurance company. If payment has not been made we expect you to pay the remainder of the fees for services.

Dental insurance is not designed to cover the entire fee, nor every service. It pays a designated amount based on premiums you pay and the coverage your employer has contracted for. Our treatment recommendations are not based on whether or not you have dental insurance, nor is treatment altered to fit into your insurance benefits. We have a great deal of experience with dental insurance and will be as helpful as possible. Any disputes you have with the dental insurance company will ultimately be up to you or your employer to resolve.

Patients with Delta Dental Insurance for the following employers will be expected to pay in full when services are rendered: Wal-Mart, Excel Energy, Cargill and Tyson. These companies have restriction written into the policy so they will not send payment to our office.

We do not file medical insurance claims, Medicare or Medicaid. If your policy requires procedures be filed under your medical coverage plan, you will be responsible for payment to this office in full and the filing of medical claims yourself.